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Specnet Ad Sales is a division of Russ Horodelski & Associates, a Canadian-owned limited company established in 1986. We are the only company in Canada authorized to represent U.S. local cable systems and have offices in Toronto, Vancouver and Montréal to serve your needs. With our many contacts and our wide range of resources, we are able to fulfill just about any request for information for any campaign in any U.S. market.

Specnet is a full-service representative firm. One phone call to our Toronto, Ontario-based office is all that is required to have any number of markets researched. We are able to provide research results, coverage maps, rates, avails and much more. We also take care of all paperwork, easing the burden on the media-buying department. The tasks we undertake for our agencies/clients include placing orders with appropriate cable systems, providing contracts for the buyers, providing updated traffic requirements, trouble-shooting any mid-flight issues that may arise, and proofing affidavits for spot accuracy before submitting them with the summarized invoice to the buyer



The only ad sales company in Canada fully authorized to represent local U.S cable networks.
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